12 Ideas on How to Style Green Pants Without Looking Like a Novice 2023

Green. Not the color, but the very archaic reference to being a bit clueless, naïve, and fresh to the world. If this describes the way you style your green pants, we’re here to alleviate that malady.

Does the question of how to style green pants well lend itself to a simple answer, and off you go down the yellow brick road? No. It’s one that is answered by knowing what to avoid. Green pants styled badly can look garish, stupid, try-hard, and offensive. People will feel sorry for you, pat you on the head, and say, “Naw, do you want a biscuit?”

To avoid looking like a man-child in “Irish” themed trousers, you need some good solid guidance on how to style green pants by some styling experts. I am a fashion writer. I woke up this morning and needed a refreshed autumn look. After rummaging around, a pair of green pleated pants leapt out at me and demanded they be worn. Plus, I completely forgot I planned to write this article today; it’s nice when the world aligns, isn’t it?

So, the green pants, when treated with caution, humility, and respect (you know, adult attributes), can deliver some stylish rewards. It can serve to break up your old rhythms and inject new life. Hop onboard and come join us. The grass is greener over here. So are the pants. Trust us and read on.

1. How To Style Green Cargo Pants

Lestrange London Green Pants
lestrangelondon / Instagram

A pair of cargo pants can be a riotous item to style at the best of times. So if you’re unsure, check up on our general style guide here before you go color specific. All read up? Okay. Next, let’s get into how to style green pants, cargo style. Cargo pants have a more utilitarian, tough-edge feel to them, thanks to their military heritage. Hence why you should not be wearing them to your business meeting with prospective clients (unless you’re a really cool fashion writer). Thanks to the explosion of 90s fever, plus their durability, practicality, and looser fit, they’ve crept back into the modern wardrobe.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

Try these Percival “utility” pants (aw, cute) with an oversized navy and sable Finisterre longsleeved t-shirt, complete with these dark navy grungey Vans , which tie in nicely with the dark navy of the t-shirt.

2. How To Style Olive Green Pants

Olive Green Pants
waxlondonclothing / Instagram

Just like learning to love and appreciate the olive as food, learning how to style green pants in an olive tone is just a natural part of growing up. As we said, green pants are a strictly adult affair. Though there are many varieties and tones of this beautiful fruit, when we refer to olive green in fashion, it’s green with a yellowish tint. For that reason, lean into the yellow when styling. Opt for deep mustard or even off-white. Avoid strong yellows or yellows not broken up with patterning and other aesthetic distractions.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

These simple organic cotton olive green chinos by Isto are a great foundation to build out green pant outfits. I suggest going with an off-white number like this Percival polo shirt to bring out the slight yellow in the pants. On your feet, try experimenting a bit since the plain off-white and green might need some intrigue. How about some color-blocked GH Bass loafers ?

3. How To Style Army Green Pants

Army Green Pants
isto.pt / Instagram

Note: there is a difference between army green and green army pants. One merely adopted the green hue as a specific tone to work from. One was born… out of the necessity of camouflage and survival and the like. The army green, similar to olive, has a thread of yellow through the tone but with an addition of brown with more earthy army applications.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

For these bad boy “fresh army green” chinos by G-Star RAW , I recommend leaning into the neutral military tonal links here. Try these brown suede Chelsea boots by Diemme , with a light beige, brushed cotton t-shirt by COS , and this luxurious bomber jacket by Brunello Cucinelli in brown. Of course, it doesn’t have to be $10,000 worth of gear, just ensure the brown of the shoes and the coat are close enough in tone.

4. How To Style Green Corduroy Pants

Green Corduroy Pants
urbanoutfitters / Instagram

Corduroy is one of the most comforting materials to have on your legs. If you’re unconvinced, try this list of beautiful corduroy trousers . The green cord pants bring a vintage feel and great texture. So, answering the question of how to style green pants in corduroy? Use texture and vintage flair in the surrounding clothes to keep them vibrant.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

These Officine Generale corduroy green trousers bring Parisian chic to proceedings. Add texture through suede desert boots by Clarke’s and curtain-like drapery with this Dries Van Noten overcoat .

5. How To Style Dark Green Pants

Dark Green Pants
percival_menswear / Instagram

If you’re looking to leap off the cliff of style and into the unknown but still land on a comfortable patch of grass not that far away, then try a pair of dark green pants. Due to the dark nature of the color, you’ll find it easier to style with other dark hues and whites. Just remember to stick to neutral, and you’ll find your natural style.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

This is a simple outfit and equally answers the question of how to wear green pants in various darker shades by keeping the color blocking easy on the eye. Grays and greens match well together, so try a simple gray cable knit sweater by British wool specialists Peregrine with these eco-friendly Tencel pants by A Day’s March to make a match in cozy, cozy heaven. On your feet, we offer these smart white Grenson sneakers.

6. How To Style Mint Green Pants

Green Dress Pants
percival_menswear / Instagram

I have seen people crash and burn at the wheel of mint green pants. Go carefully, for they look innocuous (like a Daddy Long Leg) by they have poison enough to take down a man (is the Daddy Long Leg thing a myth?). Whatever you do, do not listen to the color matching charts—well, green is made up of blue and yellow, so I’ll wear blue and yellow.

That might work, but it might not. There is variation within color, you know. Avoid bright colors and instead, wear uplifting pastel tones or whites. Material-wise, try linen green pants if you can. They tend to be of a softer palette, and mint green is a more summery flavor.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

So… this is how to style green pants of a mint hue. These Mango linen trousers are a little blend of mint and aqua. We want to direct you to some far-out summer style. Try this with a mesh tank top by M&S and fun summery jewelry by Éliou to match. Then, COS sandals to boot.

7. How To Style Green Dress Pants

Mint Green Pants
wolfmego / Instagram

Considering green dress pants as an option is really tapping into the question of how to wear green pants in a formal way.

I have been on the hunt for a green suit. I shot a pale green suit for a brand once, and I loved it so desperately, but I am yet to get my hands on one. Though the green suit evades me, the green dress pants can be your proud capture. It seems obvious that green dress pants can be matched with their corresponding jacket, with a white shirt, or even a navy tie.

But it can also be paired back with a simple white t-shirt and a smart pair of sneakers. I want to focus on how you can completely dress down suit pants with some chunky brown brogues and an oversized white tee. That’s the route we’re going down.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

These gorgeous dusty green suit pants by Séfr have a simple straight cut, suitable for a wide range of body sizes and styles. Tone down the formality with brown Dr Marten ’s brogues and a baggy cord overshirt by Corridor .

8. How To Style Sage Green pants

Sage Green Pants
waxlondonclothing / Instagram

Natural. The plant-based green of sage green. This tone is neutral, dusty, and all-natural, lending itself well to linens, or cotton, both in thick twill or the lighter or stretch chino form. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. *He says with tears in his eyes.* Below, I’ve leaned into a more autumnal approach to styling green pants. The chunky knits, white trainers, and puffer jacket will take you nicely into the depths of winter too.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

Well, well, well. If it isn’t the day I decided to wake up and wear sage green pants. (Which just happened to be the same day I was writing about how to style green pants in sage.) Well, I guess I’ll take a look in the mirror. On my toes, I have white leather trainers by Grenson that no longer exist. Substitute for white leather trainers of good quality.

Next, green socks. Substitute those for these very light brown socks by Uniqlo (literally the only place worth buying socks from), which I would have worn if my girlfriend didn’t always steal them from me. I’m wearing sage green Basic Rights trousers , which again are no longer in production, but these “ultimate non-iron” chinos by Charles Tyrwhitt are a stellar substitute.

Off-white knitwear, this time by Swedish brand Closed provides the introduction of a smart color blend. Finished off with a brown and beige check bulbous puffer jacket by Dunhill for that all-important layering.

9. How To Style Green Baggy Pants

Green Baggy Pants
percival_menswear / Instagram

The oversized trend is growing and growing, and it’s coming to gobble up all of your bodily proportions. Find out more about this in our all-inclusive article here . When considering how to wear baggy green pants, opt for spacier, more flowing choices elsewhere. Below, we’ve tackled a summery baggy look to let the breeze flow through.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

Match these relaxed pants by Ripa Ripa with Birkenstock clogs , a white linen shirt by Corridor , plus a sophisticated brown leather strap watch by Tag Heuer . You’ll be rich-bitch stylish before you can say “summering on the Amalfi Coast.”

10. How To Style Green Khaki Pants

Green Khaki Pants
waxlondonclothing / Instagram

A distant cousin to the army green pants, the green khaki is slightly lighter in color, though does not step foot into safari green. Oh no. Stand in line, sir. And know your greens.

Truth be told, the khaki green gets a bad reputation from poorly dressed 50-year-old men who will adorn the same cargo shorts for the remainder of their unstylish years. But, for those who love and cherish the tone, here are some of the best khaki trousers available on the market . And now here’s how to style green pants in khaki…

Outfit & Product Suggestion

We got an email last week asking something along the lines of “How to style green pants for men and get matchy-matchy colors, so when I take a selfie of myself lying down on the grass for my Insta, all the colors will pop, and I’ll look fabulous and get loads of likes.” And it’s a good question. Well, while we don’t recommend a completely green outfit, some interspersal of green can be nice. Try these off-white sneakers courtesy of Camper and some Luca Faloni khaki green trousers . For the slight matchy-matchy top half thank Lee Jeans for the green plaid shirt and cardigan .

11. How To Style Green Sweatpants

Green Sweatpants
axelarigato / Instagram

Aha, bet you hadn’t considered how to style green pants of the sweater variety, had you? Turns out, styling sweatpants isn’t exactly rocket science. Just know that going full matching tracksuit is a statement. It can be exuberant. It can be garish. I can be just plain useful for sports and identifying which team you’re on. When it comes to everyday wear and lounging, we recommend breaking it up a little to avoid looking like a wanna-be influencer.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

These Primeblue Adidas green sweatpants , white Adidas Superstars with three green stripes, and comforting beige hoodie are all by the same sports brand. Like you’re sponsored or something. But your content definitely isn’t sponsored. You are definitely not an influencer nor do you look like one. If you take your content, I mean… outfit outside, then throw on this beige puffer by Mackage .

12. How To Style Patterned Green Pants

Patterned Green Pants
waxlondonclothing / Instagram

When playing with patterning (aka fire) you want to keep everything else less graphic-heavy and a bit lower-key. Do not match patterning with patterning. You will only look like a mosaic. Or a Turkish rug.

Outfit & Product Suggestion

How to wear green pants with patterning? Firstly, these green camo pants by Fear of God Essentials are a fleecy delight. When styling them, give the clothes around you space to breathe. When wearing out and about, try with an oversized puffer jacket by AOS , and a The North Face beanie. Now for delving into the inexhaustible portfolio of white (or off-white) sneakers, the green-tinted Adidas Forum ‘84 —they’ll complement the patterning of the pants.

Common Mistakes When Styling

Green Color Matching

I do like color consistency, don’t get me wrong. However, a green overcoat with a green pair of trousers just doesn’t work (trust me, I tried it earlier). You have to know when to break it up with other favorable colors in a complimentary range. Said complimentary range…

Color Combinations

In terms of what works with green: white/off-white/beige and cream all work. Also brown works very well. Those that consider a little more thought: mustard yellow (or other yellows), blacks (can work for shoes or jackets), and navy. Strangely, I’m a big fan of bright orange and green. For example, bright orange fleeces with camouflage pants work well. Try it for yourself. In other colors, tread carefully.

Foret Studio green pants
foretstudio / instagram

Final Verdict

– Don’t overmatch green

– Stick to beige, white, off-white, or cream for ease.

– Stuck in a styling rut? Green is a great refresh.

Just getting started in styling green pants? I recommend the formal Séfr pants for their sheer versatility and the loose-fitting linens by Ripa Ripa for a pair of very easy-to-style summer pants.

    • What color shirts go with green pants?

      When it comes to styling green pants with shirts there are a few routes. You can try navy blue, test the waters with a mustard yellow (try before you buy this one), an off-white, beige, or cream tone or a white shirt will all work wonders. Black can work, but it has to be the right material so as not to be too powerful. Gray, because of its neutral tone, is also a good pick.

      • What kind of jacket goes with green pants?

        It’s important to focus on the color, rather than the style. Of course, it does help to know what goes with casual trousers . You can match with gray, beige, chocolate, dark navy, dark yellow, off-white, black, and even bright orange. In terms of style, experiment. It could be a puffer jacket, a suede jacket, a trucker jacket, and even long overcoats, so long as it’s tonally appropriate.

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