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If you’re looking to update your footwear collection , you’ll be glad you ended up here first. This Hey Dude shoes review will tell you everything you need to know about “Shoes so light, a butterfly could steal them.” [1]

Now I like to think of myself as my own man. Ever since I was a child, I was confident in making my own sartorial choices. I never really cared about following the crowd. Even my mom recalls when I would stubbornly choose to wear a Robin costume when all the other kids were racing around as Batman.

To balance out the stories (one for each parent, you know the drill), much to the annoyance of my dad, there was also a time when I insisted on wearing a clip-on tie with everything. It didn’t always work out when I had to go to soccer practice, but nevertheless, I persisted.

Yet, despite my apparent reluctance to be influenced by others, I often find myself turning to online reviews—whether it’s checking out the ratings for the latest movie or flicking through Tripadvisor before booking my summer vacation.

So I think it’s pretty clear why I was eager to jot down my feelings in this Hey Dude men’s shoes review. Helping you guys out, just as others have helped me. I’ve held them, felt them, and walked in them to give you the ultimate low-down. Plus, in the name of fairness, I’ve looked at what others have had to say too.

Keep reading to learn more about Hey Dude Shoes and three of their top sellers.

Watch Our Review Of The Hey Dude Wally Shoes

1. Wally Shoe

Material: chambray-blend upper and lined with a soft, cotton lining and leather-lined insole | Laces: no-tie elastic laces | Size Range : Men’s US 7-15 | Care Instructions: remove insoles and wash with light detergent or spot clean/air-dry | Price: $59.95 | Return Policy: Initiate online here

Hey Dude shoes offer a variety of designs to choose from, but the most popular option, by far, is the Wally. I would note this is the brand’s most casual option—perfect for everyday errands and general running around. The Wally will look just as good with a pair of straight-cut dad jeans as they would with any casual pants (think chinos ).

The biggest selling feature of this shoe, as with all of the brand’s shoes, is the utmost commitment to comfort. But that doesn’t mean they lack in the looks department. Oh no, definitely not. These shoes can still easily pair with clothes you already own.


The fit on the Wally is consistent with the rest of Hey Dude’s shoes. If you’re new here, the Wally shoe hits that magical sweet spot between too narrow and too wide. I would liken the comfort to a cushier croc, which makes sense considering they [Crocs] bought Hey Dude in early 2022 . And I feel comfortable (which includes my feet) saying that Crocs knows what they’re doing.

Having said that, the shoe can be pulled tighter with the elastic laces or left loose if you need a bit more space. Comfort aside, it’s important to know how to wear the shoe to fit best. I would consider this shoe a ‘low-rise’ as the side wall is supposed to hit just below the ankle bone, making them ideal to be worn with or without (my favorite style option) socks.

Size Range

If you’re going to choose the Wally, stick to what you normally buy—they fit true to size. And because this shoe can be worn without socks , you want to make sure the fit isn’t too tight or loose enough to cause unwanted blisters.

While the smallest they offer is a 7, they go all the way up to 15 (LeBron James, this Hey Dude shoes review has your back). Stock, like any brand, goes up and down, but it’s pretty good across the whole range. I did notice some of the popular styles are sold out in commonly bought sizes, though.

man sitting on bench, wearing hey dude shoes, looking at laptop


You can’t put a price on comfort, right? Well, it seems like you can. And in my opinion, it’s worth every penny. At just under $60 for most pairs, you’re getting a whole lot of bang for your buck. Not only do you get a mattress for your feet, but there’s style to match and a whole range of color choices.

The longevity of the shoes really depends on how hard you are on them. Like any shoes used regularly, they will begin to show signs of wear after a few months. However, tossing them in the washing machine on a cold delicate cycle with a little bit of liquid soap can do wonders for the canvas/hemp or linen options. In my mind, the ease of cleaning and comfort make the value unmatchable.


They might not be as durable as a pair of chunkier leather shoes, but the quality is clear to see (and feel). Each design boasts Flex and Fold technology (ahem, did we mention comfort already?) with an ultralight outsole and cushioned ankle collar. There’s also nice little touches like branding at the laces and heel.

Much like other moccasin-style shoes , the comfort is all there. But in this case, stretch is a keyword in the quality. Don’t be fooled by the eco-friendly stamp; these materials are still designed to live up to regular use. There’s a good chance you may have to replace these every eight months to a year (with heavy regular use). But at the current price point, this Hey Dude shoes review still puts the Wallys at top quality.


Unless you’re lucky enough to nab yourself a pair in the sale, you can expect to pay around $60. The majority of Wallys are priced the same. However, there is a small selection that retails $5-6 above the rest. The pricier versions tend to have slight variations in material, style, or soles (think leather).

As stated earlier in the Hey Dude men’s shoes review, the price is something I considered when looking at quality because we all know shoes (especially shoes you love) don’t last forever. At under $100, I think the Wally shoe can give you everything you want—and you could still come back for more.

man tightening a pair of hey dude shoes on a bench


The Wally is available in over 70 different styles, so there should be no trouble in finding something you like. They range from camo-print for the fashion-forward to more subtle designs in gray, navy, or white.

What We Like
  • The easy-on lace system makes them a breeze to slip on—saving you a helluva lot of trouble when you’re in a rush. They also work with many foot shapes, as you can leave them loose or tighten things up if needed. I would consider this a good staple for men with wide feet.
  • Comfort is usually achieved by sacrificing some style, but this isn’t the case with the Wally. The two come hand in hand, thanks to the patented sole technology and timeless, simple designs that make your run-out-the-door looks effortlessly cool (and intentionally planned).
Flaws But Not Dealbreakers
  • Nowadays, many sneakers are versatile enough to be worn with pretty much anything (suits included). The Wally is great for smart-casual outfits, but it’s a little too relaxed for anything edging towards formal.
  • Yes, there are plenty of styles to choose from (it's a big bonus to have enough choices to make any Wally shoe fit your own style). However, I have noticed the lack of water resistance, which does limit the shoe's versatility. I would personally love to see the comfort of the Wally in some sort of a duck boot design.

2. Wally Sox

Material: stretch-polyester fabric, leather-lined insole | Laces: no-tie elastic laces | Size Range : Men’s US 6-15 | Care Instructions: remove insoles and wash with light detergent or spot clean/air-dry | Price: $59.95 | Return Policy: Initiate online here

The Sox collection is everything you love about the original Wally design, but with a big eco-friendly promise attached. Hey Dude is playing their part in saving the planet by sourcing materials from recovered plastic found in the ocean.

The only noticeable difference is the organic cotton laces don’t have the same stretch as their other elastic versions. A small price to pay for the environment.


There’s not much to report on the fit—they’re cut regularly and should accommodate pretty much any foot shape. I have noticed a few people in the reviews say they come up a little narrow, but these do seem to be in the minority. Unless your feet are extra wide , I can’t see you having any problems.

Size Range

As with all Hey Dude shoes, sizes start at 7 and go up to 15. However, the stock levels did seem to be a lot lower on these. I’m assuming it’s because there aren’t as many options because the eco-friendliness is also a big draw (as it should be). It may also be more difficult to constantly source the material—potentially making this style worth the wait.


I was quite surprised to find the Sox range is available at the same price point as the standard Wally. I would have expected to pay a little more, but the brand has stuck to their guns. Value for money gets a massive thumbs up from me.

close up of hey dude shoes


You may be noticing the high-quality theme in this Hey Dude shoes review. The stretch knit upper looks great and feels it, too—no surprise there. They offer the kind of breathability you just don’t seem to get with your average pair of shoes or sneakers. The sole is lightweight but durable enough to wear every day. Plus, you just can’t beat the machine washable factor.


At around $60 a pair, you really can’t grumble. Sure, you may be able to find something cheaper elsewhere, but you’d be hard-pressed to find something of similar quality (especially in the comfort department).


Choices are limited on the Eco Sox collection, so there’s not too much to pick from. It would be nice to see some extra options, especially as there are so many others available in the standard Wally range—people who shop sustainably want to look good too.

What We Like
  • I fully support anything that’s sustainably made. Being kinder to the environment is something I feel we should all get behind, so kudos to Hey Dude for playing their part.
  • It’s quite common for eco-friendly products to cost more than the alternative. However, with the Wally Eco Sox, you’re paying the same price as the original version. This deserves a pat on the back.
Flaws But Not Dealbreakers
  • There are only a few options available, and sizes are limited, so I would definitely like to see more designs added to the range. They’re clearly popular, so I’m keen to find out if this is something Hey Dude has in the pipeline. Fingers crossed…
  • Ultra-light. Knitted uppers. Breathable. Everything about the Wally Eco Sox makes it the perfect option for summer. Could it stand up to the harsh elements of winter? I’m not so sure. They certainly wouldn’t be my first choice.

3. Paul Chambray

Material: Chambray-blend upper with cushioned ankle collar, leather-lined insole | Laces: elastic laces | Size Range : Men’s US 7-15 | Care Instructions: remove insoles and wash with light detergent or spot clean/air-dry | Price: $69.95 | Return Policy: Initiate online here

The Paul Chambray is pretty much the Wally shoe on steroids. But don’t tell anyone, he likes everyone to think he’s natural… Just to clarify, I am actually talking about a pair of shoes here. Yet another quality addition to this Hey Dude shoes review.

A classic choice for off-duty days, they feature a chambray-blend upper and have a chunkier ultra-grip sole. They even sport a leather-lined insole instead of the standard cork for a little extra panache. If you’re looking for the ultimate all-rounder, Paul is your guy.


Available in the Hey Dude standard fit, the Paul Chambray accommodates all foot shapes (unless you’re The Incredible Hulk or Shaquille O’Neal). But I will say the reviews are mixed for this one (in regards to fitting).

Many customers are saying they run small or too large. I’m personally a true half size, so going up one more size was the only option for me. I still think in terms of fitting everyone’s feet and thus providing the highest level of comfort, Hey Dude shoes should provide those pesky half sizes. For the safest bet, I would size up and accept the fate of wearing the Paul Chambray shoes with socks or just tied a little tighter.

Size Range

Sizes range from 7 all the way up to 15, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding yours. You would like to think more styles will be added, but for now, they’re pretty limited. You may have to act quickly if you want to get a pair.

man wearing green socks, holding ankle wearing hey dude shoes


You’ve got to give it to Hey Dude; they’re pretty bang on with their pricing. In terms of value for money, you can’t go wrong. You’re getting a stylish shoe that’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to care for. Considering the cost, what more could you want?


No complaints from me on quality. The ultra-grip sole helps give this style a sturdier, more durable feel, while the slightly higher cushioned ankle really adds to the overall comfort. They’re lightweight but certainly don’t feel cheap.


If you want to add the Paul Chambray to your basket, you’re going to have to come up with a little extra cash. Only $10 though—so they’re still very much affordable when you look at what you’re getting for your money.


As I write this Hey Dude men’s shoes review, there are only two colors available. Annoyingly, one of those is almost out of stock. If you’re quite particular about what you’re looking for, you may find this isn’t the shoe for you. But if you’re a fan of classic neutrals, you’re in luck if they have your size.

What We Like
  • There’s no need to be afraid of getting these beauties dirty. Whether they’ve been trampled on at a festival or fallen victim to muddy fields, you can simply throw them in the washing machine and hang them up to dry.
  • The soles on the Paul Chambray feature the brand’s ultra-grip technology for better traction on slippery paths and country lanes. There'll be no banana skin moment while wearing these bad boys.
Flaws But Not Dealbreakers
  • Gray and navy. If you were hoping to add something a little different to your footwear collection, you’re out of luck. What they do offer is a versatile color that will pair with pretty much everything.
  • While they may have a grippier sole and slightly different design, the Paul Chambray still feels very much like the Wally. There’s nothing wrong with the Wally. It would just be nice if there was more of a notable difference.

What are Customers Saying About Hey Dude?

On the whole, I found the reviews for Hey Dude men’s shoes are positive. Pretty impressive, actually. You’ll come across the odd negative comment, but unfortunately, this will happen no matter what.

Someone’s always going to complain about something, right? The general consensus is that their shoes are comfortable, light, and perfect for every day. Those that did raise concerns were usually questioning their durability and arch support.

man standing on sidewalk wearing hey dude shoes and grey joggers

From The Hey Dude Site

“I recently bought a pair of Hey Dudes and immediately fell in love with them!!! I came back and purchased 5 more pairs!!! Thank you Hey Dude for resetting my work/church/date night shoe closet!!!” – Anthony M.

“Bought the Wally’s for my husband, and he absolutely LOVES them. He said it is like walking on air.” – Colleen D.

From Hey Dude On Amazon

“Arch support is not the best for prolonged standing or walking. Snug in the toe area. Wish half sizes were offered. Still a good-looking, fashionable shoe.” – Rick.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a shoe that offers an even dose of style and comfort, you’re going to love Hey Dudes. For those who are all about appearance and are usually a sucker for high-end sneakers, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Regardless of your shoe preference, this Hey Dude men’s shoes review has proved there’s not much to dislike about what they offer. Free shipping on orders over $50 is a bonus, but they won’t deliver to international regions.

My only real gripe is the fact they don’t come in half sizes. It’s a bit annoying for someone like me who literally is in-between. Having said that, if you just go for the next size up, you should be totally fine if you tighten the laces more.

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the original Wally. To me, they offer everything you need in an everyday shoe: comfort, quality, support. And not forgetting style (with options to fit everyone’s personal flair). You can wear them on a first date, for lunch, or even to the office. They’ll slot effortlessly into your current rotation and pair perfectly with your go-to casual outfits.

man sitting on bench wearing hey dude shoes

Alternative Options

Listen, I get it, you can’t always be convinced by the first hey dude shoes review that you read (or maybe even the third, or fourth…). So if you’re still looking for other options or maybe something that fits your style better, check out some of our favorite alternatives below.

2. Hylo

This light and breathable sneaker is a stylish alternative to a slip-on shoe, with all the similar comfort and benefits you are looking for.

View Vegan Hylo Light

    • How to clean Hey Dude shoes

      You don’t need a special cleaning kit to bring Hey Dude shoes back to their former glory. As long as they’re not made from suede, leather or wool, you can simply pop them in the washing machine.

      But don’t forget to remove the laces and insoles. Use a small amount of liquid detergent and set your machine to a delicate cycle. Hang them up but keep them out of direct sunlight to dry.

      • How to style Hey Dude men’s shoes

        Hey Dude’s shoes sit firmly in the smart-casual market. Remember this, and it’s pretty easy to pair them with the majority of staples already in your wardrobe. You wouldn’t wear them with a suit, but they’re a match made in heaven for jeans, chinos, flannel shirts, and cargo shorts.

        • Are Hey Dude shoes worth the money?

          If you’re looking for super comfortable, versatile shoes that are available in a wide range of styles, Hey Dude is a no-brainer. Their most expensive pair comes in at just under $70, so whatever design you choose, you’re not going to be breaking the bank.

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