The Best Edgar Haircuts For Men: Top Hairstyles 2023

The Edgar haircut has been around for a while now, yet is still popular as ever. It may not the best haircut for all due to its ‘edgy’ nature but it’s guaranteed to be eye-catching. However, there are enough modifications to satisfy just about anyone. This article discusses some of the best Edgar haircuts to try out on your next barber visit.

These classic men’s haircuts need no long-drawn-out introduction, let’s jump right into the best 19 variations of the Edgar haircut.

1. The Classic Edgar Haircut

The classic Edgar haircut is easily identifiable for its shaved sides and a longer top, cut in a straight fridge over the forehead it’s a popular cut among Zayn Malik and OVO rapper Drake. It’s a very angular haircut, but for those looking for an eye-catching yet casual everyday style, this is the perfect match. The hair length may vary depending on preference, but most men choose to cut the front fringe an inch or two below the hairline. Remember, to get the signature straight line of the Edgar haircut the top hair should be brushed down.

The Classic Edgar Haircut
@nelly_shebarber / Instagram

2. Edgar ‘ Taper’ Haircut

The Edgar ‘taper’ haircut is very similar to the classic Edgar, but with slightly shorter sides. If you are looking for an edgy hairstyle that’s more professional than the classic version, this could be a great option. The cut will still have short haircuts on the back of the head and around your ears like any other Edgar cut would; however, it has less of a sharp point at the front which makes the haircut more versatile.

Taper Edgar Haircut
@john_lionbarber / Instagram

3. Edgar Cut for Curly Hair

The Edgar for curly hairstyles is another slight deviation from the classic Edgar with slightly longer sides. The long top section that many edgier haircuts sport may not work well on men who have naturally curly or coarse hair. Thick hair will tend to stick up in every direction, to avoid this allow for a thicker fade or minimize the length on the top section.

Edgar Cut for Curly Hair
@alessandroserio91 / Instagram

4. Edgar Haircut With Waves

The Edgar haircut for wavy hairstyles is similar to the Edgar haircut for curly hair but deals with hair that has more of a loose curl or beach wave. If you are looking for a hairstyle that allows your naturally wavy or loose curly hair to be showcased, this could be a great option. Especially low maintenance option, this cut will allow your waves to reign free while having a short, close to the head cut around the ears for easy styling.

Edgar Haircut With Waves
@theedgarcut / Instagram

5. Short Spiky Edgar Haircut

A good way to add texture to an Edgar haircut is by styling the top section of the hair with pomade or hair gel . By cutting the hair short and styling the top, you can achieve an elevated hairstyle in just a few easy steps. Just remember that the perfect short spiky Edgar should still have the trademark straight line across the forehead. And to give it an extra flair, define the fade even further to enhance the spiky top.

Short Spiky Edgar Haircut
@barbeariaraizz / Instagram

6. Mid-Fade Edgar Haircut

The mid-fade Edgar is a much more striking look than the classic higher fade. The goal here is to observe a clear straight line throughout the midsection of the head. It works especially great with medium-length hair , preferably on the straighter side so that it requires minimal styling.

Mid Fade Edgar Haircut
@queue_hair / Instagram

7. High Fade Edgar Haircut

A high fade Edgar haircut is very practical, as it requires no daily styling at all. The sides are neatly formed using the buzz cut style and the top is kept very short and crisp, you can just roll out of bed or the shower and dry. However, to keep the crisp edge this particular Edgar haircut may require more frequent trips to the barber.

High Fade Edgar Haircut
@rajairwandag / Instagram

8. Edgar Haircut for Choppy Hair

If a choppy look is what you want to go with, you can still ask your barber for an Edgar cut. Your new hairstyle will surely stand out for its textured angles. You can achieve this is by layering the top section hair, all while still maintaining the straight fringe. And instead of a high fade, go with a taper buzz so the style keeps its neat appearance.

Edgar Haircut for Choppy Hair
@nosy_michael / Instagram

9. High and Tight Edgar Haircut

The high and tight Edgar is another great option for those who like to keep their hair super short, also a great Edgar haircut for the warmer months. Instead of the classic high fade, this variation of the Edgar haircut has a more marked contrast between the top section and the buzzed sides, almost as if a line separates the two.

High and Tight Edgar Haircut
@sean_the_barber_ / Instagram

10. Edgar Haircut with Beard

Although the Edgar haircut is rather short, it can still work super well with several beard lengths . The trick here is to make sure the fade of the haircut and the fade of the beard align seamlessly. And by doing so, you can create the illusion of a more defined jawline and angular cheekbones.

Edgar Haircut with Beard
@jrickcarvalho / Instagram

11. Bald Fade Edgar Haircut

The bald fade Edgar haircut is another terrific choice for men who like to keep it short. It’s very similar to the high and tight style, if somewhat more dramatic, as the contrast between the top and the closely buzzed sides are even starker.

Bald Fade Edgar Haircut
@divergentroadman / Instagram

12. Edgar Haircut with Fringe

Although one of the quintessential elements of the Edgar haircut is the straight-cut fringe, some shorter versions barely have it. With this cut, the fringe allows for a more jovial, laidback look. As long as you don’t wear a suit to work (don’t worry there is still an Edgar haircut for you), this haircut will pair with any setting, professional or casual.

Edgar Haircut with Fringe
@divergentroadman / Instagram

13. Edgar Haircut and Mullet

The Edgar with a mullet haircut is perhaps the most daring of all the styles in this list. Essentially, it’s your average classic Edgar haircut, but the back section is kept as long as the fringe (or even longer) to create the classic ‘tail’ you see in mullet cuts. This style suits the artsy and musical men, perfect for those who brave a stage.

Edgar Haircut and Mullet
@find.a.waystudio / Instagram

14. Textured Edgar Haircut

The textured Edgar style is perfect for any hair texture. It is essentially a fun take on the classical version, in which the fade is uniform rather than tapered. And when it comes to styling at home, a good sea salt spray or men’s hair mousse is enough to add some volume and texturize the look.

Textured Edgar Haircut
@stephan_schneemann_hairstylist / Instagram

15. Scruffy Edgar Haircut

The scruffy Edgar is essentially a messy and more casual take on the original. As the haircut tends to be quite short, scruffing up the top section adds some volume and texture. However disheveled, the fringe should still be somewhat aligned, and high fade should be featured as well.

Scruffy Edgar Haircut
@charli_gz_barber / Instagram

16. Widow’s Peak Edgar

You don’t need to have a widow’s peak to sport this Edgar style. But if you happen to have one, there is no better time to embrace it. To get the ‘widow’s peak Edgar’ look the fringe needs to be cut diagonally to create a point, usually landing in the middle of the forehead. It’s a great way to frame the face and highlight your bone structure.

Widow’s Peak Edgar
@ghostbarberjv / Instagram

17. Jagged Edgar Haircut

This version of the Edgar substitutes the trademark straight fringe for a jagged, choppy one. It doesn’t necessarily need to be symmetric either, so you could even cut it at an angle. The important part here is that that jagged fringe becomes the focal point on the haircut.

Jagged Edgar Haircut
@themailroombarber / Instagram

18. Bowl Edgar Haircut

As the name suggests, this hairstyle merges the classic Edgar haircut with the infamous bowl cut. Of course, the main elements of the Edgar are still featured. But that textured top section is cut evenly around the sides of the head, with the hair around the ears tapered or completely buzzed.

Bowl Edgar Haircut
@nunez.the.barber / Instagram

19. Edgar Haircut for Blonde/Platinum Hair

This last item combines the Edgar with a very beloved color trend – platinum blonde. It can be quite a dramatic change, but it will definitely make the wearer stand out. The platinum will look great with any Edgar variation, but it’s best to go for the shorter versions, as bleached hair tends to get quite damaged.

Edgar Haircut for Blonde/Platinum Hair
@ghostbarberjv / Instagram

Edgar Haircut F.A.Q

What is an Edgar haircut?

The Edgar haircut is essentially a crop with a high fade. What sets it apart from other high fade styles is the straight fringe across the forehead. It closely resembles the Caesar and the classic French crop , but the fade is significantly more defined and begins higher up.

How to ask for the Edgar haircut?

Ask your barber for a top section that contrasts starkly with tapered or buzzed sides. Make sure to mention the straight line fringe, if that’s what you’re going for. Otherwise, use any of the descriptions we provided in this article and show the respective picture.

Why is the Edgar haircut named Edgar?

Although not official, many believe that the Edgar haircut is named after baseball player Edgar Martinez. Curiously, it isn’t because Martinez sported the style, but rather due to a fan shaving the player’s face into the tapered section of his head. But of course, this is mere speculation…

Who started the Edgar haircut?

The origin of the Edgar haircut is quite debatable. But many people also believe it to be an adaptation of the Mexican ‘takuache’. And just as many believe it to be an evolution of the ‘Caesar’, inspired by the Roman Emperor, of course. Ultimately, if you like the style you have the freedom to make it your own.

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