The Best Hair Mousse for Men for Better Styling In 2023

The best hair mousse is an unsung hero of men’s hairstyles. It’s an easy-to-apply styling product that leaves your hair touchably smooth, while still giving it shape and volume, the best is that works with will all hair types . The best hair mousse for men will help you achieve that healthy shine that doesn’t look greasy. The goal here is not to look more unkempt, but rather to have that effortlessly put-together look that actually requires quite a lot of effort.

The volumizing effect of hair mousse works on all different types of men’s haircuts . No matter if you have a straight, thin, or curly hairstyle , wavy and thick hair , or somewhere in between, a small amount of the right styling mousse can level up your hair’s volume and texture in one easy step, solving many men’s hair problems quickly and easily.

If you can master the mousse, you’re one step closer to getting Timothee Chalamet ’s or Harry Styles ‘s effortless locks. No Hollywood hairstylist is required.

What is Hair Mousse?

If you’ve never used it before, you may be wondering what exactly is hair mousse? It sounds like a one-way ticket to crunchy hair town, but when applied correctly, mousse is designed to give your hair some volume and lift that it doesn’t have naturally. It shouldn’t leave your hair crunchy or uncomfortable if you use the right product for your locks.

The word ‘mousse’ means foam in French, and that’s how this miraculous hair product got its name. It’s a lighter product than a hair gel or hair cream, so it has the effect of making your hair bouncier without weighing it down. And it makes your hair look shinier in a healthy way, not an I-haven’t-taken-a-shower-in-a-week kind of way.

Why Use Hair Mousse for Men’s Hairstyles?

Mousse is an often overlooked hair care tool when it comes to men’s grooming. Hair mousse for men is a great styling product because of how versatile it is. You can use more mousse for a stronger hold, or just a dab for a more tousled, natural look.

Hair mousse for men works wonders on all different hair types, although some mousses will work better on certain hair types than others. We’ve rounded up the best mousse for men and given our recommendations for which type of mousse is best for your unique hair texture. You can thank us later.

The 10 Best Hair Mousse for Men

1. Sebastian Mousse Forte

Best For: frizzy hair, all hair types

The Sebastian Mousse Forte is a great go-to if you’re just getting started with hair mousse for men. It works well on all hair types, but it’s especially effective at taming frizz. This is a stronghold volumizing mousse, meaning the formula is denser than some others. If you have medium length hair , curly or a wavy hairstyle , this product will do the trick. Bonus points for being the only mousse on this list with UV protection.

Sebastian Best Hair Mousse for Men

2. Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse

Best For: medium to long hair

Moroccan Oil is pricy, but for good reason. If you’re willing to splurge, this product is great for a medium, flexible hold for those with long hairstyles . It won’t leave that uncomfortable, sticky, stiff residue and it won’t get too crunchy, either. This volumizing mousse is infused with Argan Oil and an anti-static agent so you’ll get a frizz-free finish. The flexible hold is ideal for a more natural-looking head of hair.

Moroccan Oil Best Hair Mousse for Men

3. Suave Professionals Mousse, Captivating Curls

Best For: curly hair

Curly-haired dudes rejoice: this product is just for you, and it’s extremely affordable. If your hair is curly, kinky, unruly wavy hair, or coarse, look no further than Suave. This product is more heavy-duty, so it will hold and define your curls while adding even more volume to your hair. A little bit goes a long way here, so this budget-friendly option will last you a long time.

Suave Best Hair Mousse for Men

4. Aussie Headstrong Volume Mousse for Fine Hair

Best For: fine hair

If you have super fine hair, (we know learning how to make your hair thicker isn’t always the easiest) using a lot of styling mousse could give you the opposite effect than desired. A dense formula will end up making your hair look even flatter, and no one wants that. Go for the Aussie Volume Mousse formulated for fine hair. It’ll give your hair a frizz-free, shiny finish and boost your volume. Plus, it’s a great value for your dollar.

Aussie Best Hair Mouse for Fine Hair

5. L’Oreal Paris Volume Inject Mousse

Best For: straight hair, thin hair

The L’Oreal Paris Volume Inject Mousse is infused with thickening agents, so it works wonders on anyone with straight or thin hair. If you usually struggle to create volume, this product is a great one to try. It’s not too dense, so it won’t weigh your hair down. The heat protectant adds a layer of protection to your hair, especially useful if you use any heat on your hair.

L'Oreal Paris Best Hair Mousse for Men

6. Kenra Volume Mousse Extra 17

Best For: thin hair, curly hair

The Kenra Volume Mousse provides thermal protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s humidity resistant, so you can take it to the tropics with you on your next vacation, and super volumizing, so it’s great for guys with thin hair. Extra benefits you didn’t know you wanted, the product is vegan, alcohol-free, making it non-drying, and silicone-free. Absolutely curly guy method approved.

Kenra Best Hair Mousse for Men

7. SheaMoisture Curl Mousse

Best For: thick hair, curly hair

If you have thick hair , you want to look for a hair mousse that is moisturizing and has frizz control. The SheaMoisture Curl Mousse does just that. At a reasonable price point, this mousse’s shea butter foundation will give your hair a soft feeling while still enhancing your natural curls (a great product for getting that perfect I-just-got-out-of-bed shag mullet haircut ). And it doesn’t include any of the bad stuff, like silicone or sulfates.

SheaMoisture Best Hair Mousse for Men

8. Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam

Best For: fine hair

No one likes to admit that their hair is thinning, but if that’s the case, this volumizing mousse will help you get some much-needed volume back. Nexxus Mousse is extremely thickening, so it’s perfect for fine hair. The formula is enriched with Keratin Proteins and Ceramides, which will help lift and give life to your hair.

Nexxus Best Hair Mousse for Men

9. ColorProof LiftIt Color Protect Mousse

Best For: color-treated hair

If you’re rocking a head of color-treated hair (or looking for some hair dye for men ), you want a mousse that protects the color. This volumizing mousse is never sticky, is humidity resistant, and protects your hair from heat while preserving your color, perfect for any classic men’s hairstyles . The sunflower seed extract also protects your head against UVA/UVB, so it’s a win-win-win for your scalp.

ColorProof Best Hair Mousse for Men

10. Nioxin 3D Styling Bodifying Foam

Best For: thin hair

Another great lightweight product if you’re worried about a heavy mousse weighing down your hair, or looking to change up your style to better work with a receding hairline . The Nioxin 3D Styling Foam is your answer. The thickening formula adds body and volume without making your hair look greasy and unkempt.

Nioxin Unisex Styling Hair Mousse for Men

How to Use The Best Hair Mousse for Men

Now that you’re equipped with the perfect product for your specific hair type, styling your hair is another story. Simply slapping some of the best hair mousse you can find on your dry hair won’t cut it. That’s right, there’s an actual process to follow to make the most of your mousse. Follow these steps for the ultimate mousse mastery.

Step 1: Wash your hair with conditioner , leaving it soft, clean, and wet.

Step 2: Towel dry. You don’t want to apply mousse while your hair is soaking wet, but it should still be damp. Achieve the perfect level of wet by toweling off.

Step 3: Apply the recommended amount of the best mousse to your palms and rub them together like you’re up to something. Because you are. It’s called great hair. We recommend you start small here – you can always add more mousse later.

Step 4: Apply from roots to tips and massage it into your scalp.

Step 5: Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to make sure the product is evenly applied throughout your head. Don’t rinse your hair.

Step 6: Use a blow dryer to give your hair a quick once-over and ensure the product has been properly set.

Step 7: Style as desired. You could scrunch, twist, curl, or even just brush your hair out to achieve the effect that you want.

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