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Going to write our very own operating system!

32 bit operating system in test

32 bit operating system in test

Greetings! JabirOS is our brand for our FreeBSD derivative, but now, we’ve decided to create our very own operating system. It’s still nameless, but it’s written in assembly, and it’s a very very independent operating system. We’ll publish our codes, as soon as possible in our github. Also, we declared in our other foundation, that we merged and we’ll work on the project together.

Muhammadreza Haghiri

J8 processor released!


After J4A, we decided to migrate to 8-bit word size and now, we’re proud to announce that we managed to do it, and we designed and implemented J8 processor, a simple ALU with 8 bit input/output system and four simple instructions.

Data sheets and documentations will be released soon.

JabirOS SDK, for those who want to contribute!

We weren’t active for months, but we’re here again, to restore and work on JabirOS, again. For JabirOS, we needed a Software Development Kit, so we decided to make on for it! The JabirOS SDK will be a Ruby based SDK, as Ruby is an easy, fast and high-performance language.

Goals of this new project:

  • Development of easy, fast and light-weight command line applications.
  • Development of easy, fast and light-weight graphical applications.
  • Development of web-based services and web applications for JabirOS.

    Also, you can follow us on GitHub for more information.

  • Now, #JabirOS torrent is ready!

    After 2.1-RELEASE version, we decided to prepare download links from torrent. Now, We’ve added our iso file to burnbit.

    Download from torrent .

    #JabirOS 2.1 for Cubieboard released

    JabirOS for Cubieboard
    After successful release of JabirOS 2.۱-RELEASE, JabirOS is now available for ARM board Cubieboard. This image is made by FreeBSD Cubieboard guide, and works %100 without any problems.

    All programs will work on your Cubieboard without problems.

    More Information and Download : Link

    #JabirOS 2.1 has been released

    Screenshot from 2014-12-04 10:44:36

    We’re pleased to announce new release of JabirOS, version 2.1. This version is forked from FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE, and is as stable as its base 😀

    Also, Cadmium UI is still under development, and will be available less than 3 months ago (probably in version 2.2 or 3.0).

    About Cubieboard and Raspberry Pi boards, Version 2.1 will be made for them this week.

    For those who want to use JabirOS 2.1 on virtual machine, we suggest QEMU-KVM, that’s the best emulator, as development team uses it, to make and compile JabirOS!

    Source Codes will be are available in GitHub, as soon as possible.



    JPPSL won’t be used anymore

    According to reactions to Jabir Project Public Source License, JPPSL, we decided to discontinue that license. Not only for reactions, because Simplified BSD license, the current license is the best one for preparing basic freedoms for all users of JabirOS, and about GPLv3 products, the best thing to do is declaration of “We don’t use them in our projects”.

    This short post was only an announcement for discontinuation of JPPSL.


    Muhammadreza Haghiri
    Leader and Founder.

    First beta release of #JabirOS 2.1

    Screenshot from 2014-10-15 20:11:47

    We’re pleased to announce our first beta release of JabirOS 2.1 . JabirOS 2.1’s codebase is  based on FreeBSD 10.1, and all new features of FreeBSD 10.1 are here, too. In this version, we had some little changes, but only little in words, but great in action.

    New License

    We, the Jabir Project team, wrote our own license, and now, all products and projects done by us are under this license. This license isn’t  GPL-compatible, but we have applied for approval from FSF and OSI.

    CadmiumUI and Online Services

    Some new services are ready to publish, but we’re about to complete our online suite, like CadmiumUI as desktop environment and some other online services.


    1. Based on FreeBSD 10.1’s codebase
    2. bsdinstall problems solved
    3. Used Jabir Project’s GENERIC configuration.
    4. based on JPPSL license



    Muhammadreza Haghiri
    Founder and Leader of The Project.


    After online side

    We announced development of CadmiumUI, as online side of JabirOS, so we’re now developing our offline side. We’ll do offline side better, because :

    1. JabirOS is being developed for people with weak and slow internet connections
    2. User can’t always use internet, specially laptop/tablet users.

    We’re going to work on OpenBox as base, and we’ll add everything we need. Also, Offline side is a complete and minimal Desktop Environment, and it’s not only a window manager :) .

    Muhammadreza Haghiri
    Founder and Leader of Jabir Project

    Newest Surprise : Jabir TV

    As I tweeted yesterday, and I noticed a “Surprise”, now , I’m pleased to announce what this surprise is!

    Now, all homes have almost one TV set, and this is why we wanted to create a TV platform.

    Jabir TV will be available as an ARM-based device, and we’ll declare details soon.

    If you want to know more, visit here.


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