Screenshot from 2014-10-15 20:11:47

We’re pleased to announce our first beta release of JabirOS 2.1 . JabirOS 2.1’s codebase is  based on FreeBSD 10.1, and all new features of FreeBSD 10.1 are here, too. In this version, we had some little changes, but only little in words, but great in action.

New License

We, the Jabir Project team, wrote our own license, and now, all products and projects done by us are under this license. This license isn’t  GPL-compatible, but we have applied for approval from FSF and OSI.

CadmiumUI and Online Services

Some new services are ready to publish, but we’re about to complete our online suite, like CadmiumUI as desktop environment and some other online services.


  1. Based on FreeBSD 10.1’s codebase
  2. bsdinstall problems solved
  3. Used Jabir Project’s GENERIC configuration.
  4. based on JPPSL license



Muhammadreza Haghiri
Founder and Leader of The Project.